Legendary Husker Moments: Relive the Greatest Plays in Nebraska Football History

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There’s something special about watching the game with fellow Husker fans, sharing the excitement and camaraderie. At Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill, you can experience the joy of Nebraska football in a vibrant atmosphere where fans come together to cheer on their beloved team. Join us and celebrate your Cornhusker pride as we relive the greatest moments in Nebraska football history.

Introduction: A Rich History of Nebraska Football

Nebraska football boasts a proud and storied history, filled with unforgettable moments that have captured the hearts of fans for generations. As a Cornhusker fan, you’ll love the chance to relive these legendary memories in the company of fellow fans, and Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill is the perfect place to do just that.

The Game of the Century: Nebraska vs. Oklahoma, 1971

One of the most iconic games in college football history, the 1971 matchup between Nebraska and Oklahoma remains etched in the memory of Cornhusker fans. Nebraska’s thrilling 35-31 victory over the Sooners, thanks to Johnny Rodgers’ legendary 72-yard punt return, is a moment worth cherishing for generations.

The Flea Kicker: Nebraska vs. Missouri, 1997

In a game that defined Nebraska’s 1997 championship season, the Huskers defeated Missouri in overtime with a play now known as the “Flea Kicker.” The improbable touchdown pass from Scott Frost to Matt Davison after a deflection by Shevin Wiggins is a moment of Cornhusker lore that fans can continue to celebrate.

Tommie Frazier’s Run: 1996 Fiesta Bowl

Tommie Frazier’s 75-yard touchdown run against Florida in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl, breaking through seven tackles, is one of the most memorable plays in Nebraska football history. Relive the magic of this play and celebrate the incredible achievements of the Cornhuskers.

Miracle in Missouri: Nebraska vs. Missouri, 2010

The 2010 Nebraska-Missouri game will forever be remembered for Roy Helu Jr.’s incredible 307-yard rushing performance, propelling the Huskers to a crucial victory. This spectacular display of athleticism and teamwork is a testament to the spirit of Nebraska football.

Alex Henery’s Record-Setting Field Goal: Nebraska vs. Colorado, 2008

Alex Henery’s clutch 57-yard field goal against Colorado in 2008 remains the longest in Nebraska history, securing a thrilling 40-31 victory for the Cornhuskers. This incredible moment is just one example of the excitement that Nebraska football brings to its fans.

The Blackshirts: A Legacy of Defensive Dominance

Nebraska’s famed Blackshirt defense has produced some of the most memorable plays and hard-hitting moments in college football. Relive the heart-stopping sacks, interceptions, and goal-line stands that have defined the Cornhusker defense over the years, and honor the legacy of the legendary Blackshirts.

Jordan Westerkamp’s Hail Mary Catch: Nebraska vs. Northwestern, 2013

In a stunning finish to the 2013 matchup against Northwestern, Jordan Westerkamp’s miraculous Hail Mary catch secured a thrilling 27-24 victory for the Huskers. The game-winning play remains a highlight in Cornhusker history and a testament to the never-give-up attitude of Nebraska football.

Eric Crouch’s Heisman Moment: Nebraska vs. Missouri, 2001

Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch showcased his incredible skill and athleticism in the 2001 game against Missouri. His unforgettable 95-yard touchdown run not only set a school record for the longest rush but also solidified his place as one of the most electric players in Nebraska football history.

The 1994-1995 Back-to-Back National Championships

Relive the glory of Nebraska’s back-to-back national championship seasons in 1994 and 1995, led by legendary coach Tom Osborne. Celebrate the incredible achievements of the Cornhuskers and their dominant run, which solidified Nebraska’s place in college football history.

Conclusion: Experience the Magic at Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill

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