Trivia Night in Omaha at
Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill

Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill hosts monthly, themed trivia nights with Smarty Pints Trivia. Join us for date night, gather a group of friends, or play as an individual for your chance to win some great prizes!

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Whether you’re looking for a unique date night idea or a chance to gather with friends and show off your knowledge, our trivia nights are the perfect way to have some fun and win great prizes.

And the best part? Our trivia nights are completely free to play, so you can enjoy a fun night out without breaking the bank. Plus, with our convenient locations in La Vista and Gretna, we’re the perfect spot for anyone looking for bar trivia in Omaha.

But what really sets our trivia nights apart is our host, Kahm Broham. As a longtime radio and podcast personality in Omaha, Kahm brings his infectious energy and sense of humor to every trivia night. With his witty banter and clever clues, Kahm makes every Tuesday night at Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill a truly unforgettable experience.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and free bar trivia night near you, come join us at Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill! Whether you’re a seasoned trivia pro or a newbie just looking to have some fun, we guarantee you’ll have a blast.

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Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill Trivia FAQs

What are Trivia Nights?

Trivia nights, also known as quiz nights, are events where teams compete to answer questions on a variety of topics. Trivia nights are typically held in bars or pubs, but can also be found at community centers, schools, and other venues.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Bar Trivia at Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill?

Absolutely nothing! Bar trivia at Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill is free for anyone to play.

Is Playing With a Full Team Required to Play Trivia at Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill?

Nope, we have individuals and couples playing trivia every week at Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill.

Is Bar Trivia at Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill Family Friendly?

Yes, our questions are suitable for all ages. The number of events and activities that are inclusive for the entire family is one of the best things about Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill.

How Do Trivia Nights Work?

Trivia nights are typically hosted by a quiz master, who reads out questions and keeps score. Teams of players compete to answer questions on a range of topics, including history, pop culture, sports, and science.

Questions can be multiple-choice, true or false, or open-ended. Bonus rounds and tie-breaker questions are also common features of trivia nights.

Teams are awarded points for correct answers, and the team with the highest score at the end of the night is declared the winner.

Does Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill Offer Private or Corporate Trivia Events?

Yes, Hurrdat Sports Bar & Grill can facilitate fun events for companies looking to create a team-building experience or to help you celebrate a special occasion with your family and friends.

Tips for Winning Trivia Nights

  1. Build a Strong Team – The key to winning at trivia is to have a well-rounded team. Make sure your team includes members with different areas of expertise.
  2. Brush Up on Current Events – Trivia questions often include current events, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on news and current affairs.
  3. Study Popular Culture – Questions on pop culture, including movies, music, and TV shows, are common in trivia nights. Brush up on your knowledge of popular culture to increase your chances of winning.
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice – The more you play trivia, the better you’ll get. Practice with friends or attend regular trivia nights to improve your skills.
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Guess – Sometimes, you may not know the answer to a question. In these cases, it’s better to take a guess than to leave the question unanswered.